February 21, 2018

My Grammy Baby Shower Thank You Cards!

Good Morning All. I want to start out my post with a Happy 1st Anniversary in Heaven to my Dad. I miss my Dad so much. To think back to a year ago when we spent a whole week, my Dad's last week on this earth, at a hospital over 4 hours away from home and what he went through breaks my heart. But I know he is in a much better place and he has helped me so much this past year. I talk to him very often and when I need help with something, he comes through for me. I know today will be hard for my Mom but she has done so well. Thank goodness for her neighbors at the apartment complex she lives in. They all hang out together quite often. I am again going to remind readers that smoke, to please consider giving it up. Especially if you are young. My Dad was a smoker and a auto/diesel mechanic on top of that, so he had two strikes against him for the terrible disease of COPD.

A few weeks ago, something really cute happened to me. Well, first of all, I need to mention that I am going to be a Grammy to baby #2 in March. I can't wait for baby Kylee to arrive. If my daughter Jessica doesn't go into labor by March 19th, due to the size of the baby, she is going to be induced. So what happened to me was that I was in the middle of teaching for one of my monthly clubs and the girls interrupted my class with a Grammy Shower!

I guess these type of shower's have been around for quite some time but I had never heard of them...where have I been huh? Five of my club members gifted me with baby clothing, baby toys and books. Vicki had to leave for work so she didn't get in on our group photo below:

Present in the photo are Cyndee Randall and Gloria Powers in the front and Cynthia Milton, myself and Deb LaRosa in the back. Vicki Hagerman missing. The gifts were all so neat and thoughtful:

And these are the cards I received:

So now it was my turn to send out cards. A thank you card for each one of them for this special surprise they popped on me. I used the Moon Baby stamp set and colored with my Blends Markers:

I kept them simple with lots of white space. This image is perfect all in itself with the sentiment and a few stars added in the mix:

It didn't take me long to color as the Blends color so nicely. I even added some blue around the outside edges of the image and used the Color Lifter to soften the edges:


Thanks so much girls, I so appreciated all of the gifts and goodies we got to snack on and yes, it was a total surprise!

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  1. Prayers and reflecting on sweet memories for you today. I lost my mother on this date last year. She was 89. Daddy died at the age of 51 of emphysema, so I can relate to your dad's pain. He smoked until the age of 35, but the damage had already been done to his lungs. I'm glad you have a new grand girl on the way. My youngest grandchild will be 10 in September and I am already looking forward to the future when I can once again hold a newborn! So blessed!!

  2. Glad your dad is at peace. I lost an aunt to COPD and it's a tough one for the patient and for loved ones watching the struggle for breath. This card is so sweet! What a nice surprise from your stamping friends. : )

  3. I am sure your dad is looking down from heaven with blessings for you and a huge proud smile on his face. I recently lost my husband and eve lonliness and pain is so fresh. I told our 7 yr old grandson that Poppy was flying with the angels, casting his reel and trying to catch “the big one”! Hugs to you, Debbie! There is a huge adjustment in life when a loved one passes.

  4. Congrats on grandbaby #2!! Your thank you cards are adorable.

  5. What a wonderful thing for your friends to do...like you, I'd never heard of a Grammy Shower....also I understand you talking to your Dad...I talk to my husband in Heaven all the time...and when I have a problem that I share with him the problem often goes away...so I know he hears me. God bless you.


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