October 27, 2017

Shoe Box Swap With My Customers!

I hosted a Shoe Box Swap last week with some of my local customers & downline and we had a great time. The theme I requested was "Sympathy or Thinking Of You cards". These are the Shoe Boxes everyone arrived with:

By the way, mine is in the upper-left hand corner. I am a Yankees fan ever since I played softball in high school so I just had to use my New York Yankees box, haha! I am very outnumbered here in Maine as everyone here cheers for the Boston Red Socks (boo!).

I host all of my events in our garage so don't mind the wall decor. Dave's garage is overtaken a few days a week. We are privaleged to have a heated and air-conditioned garage so it's perfect for all of my classes. Here we are creating together:

I've had lots of you ask what a Shoe Box Swap is. I set up the date, time and theme. People sign up by a deadline date and then I let everyone know how many will be participating. We all design one completed card that takes 10-15 minutes to create. The final step is to use a container "the shoebox" to add tools, punches, accessories, embellishments and pre-cut kits for the number of people attending (minus 1 because you've already created one card for yourself)!

Once everyone arrives, we all sit with our own shoe boxes in front of us and I instruct everyone to "pass to the right". We create the project in the box that was passed to us. Once everyone has completed their cards, we "pass to the right" again. No one passes to the next person until everyone has completed their project. This way we all finish at the same time. We had six people total this time and these were the six cards that were completed by each one of us:

And here are the original designers of each card plus the individual card photos:

Card designed by Cindy Milton

Card designed by Cyndee Randall


Card designed by Deloris Hammond

Card designed by Gloria Powers

Card designed by Lisa Winship

This was my card using an Aqua Painter, the Rose Wonder stamp set and the Rose Garden Thinlits Dies:

It was quite easy to add a watercolored look to the background and then add the rose die-cut over the top. I had included a sample swatch of where to watercolor the two ink colors for placement:

If you've never participated in a shoe box swap, why not invite a bunch of friends and family for a Girl's Night! It doesn't have to be a class from a demonstrator. You could set this up yourself with a group. I would not recomment more than eight people because if you add 15 minutes per card plus all of that socializing, it can get long! Have fun with it!

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