February 14, 2017

Kylie's February Blog Highlight!

The theme for Kylie's International Blog Highlight this month is Get Well. I love having Get Well & Sympathy cards on hand for those emergency happenings. I wanted to make sure the recipient of my card would end you with a big smile on their face when they opened this card:

Do you think the recipient will smile when he/she sees all of these cute little monsters looking back at them? I think so! I water-colored & hand-cut all 3 of the monsters and tucked them inside the two layers. Aren't they the cutest?

And of course I had to add one more monster inside the card along with the sentiment and a few hearts:

We are being highlighted internationally by Kylie Bertucci each month and you are able to VOTE for my project. The top ten winners will get to be part of an international blog hop so please vote for my project. I would love to be chosen to do an international blog hop. You can do that here:

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For those of you visiting internationally today, welcome and I am from the USA. Thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to visit Kylie's blog to see all of the other participants today!


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  1. Absolutely adorable Debbie! I love how you've treated the inside of your card too. LOVE!!!

  2. This is so cute and sure to put a smile on the face of whoever receives it! I love how the monster on the inside is holding hearts up - very clever!

  3. This is way too cute! A friend of mine fell head over heels in love with the monster set. I wouldn't have guessed it of her but when I see this cute stuff like this I see it.

  4. So cute! Where did you get the great stand you display your card on?

    1. Thank you! My husband makes the stands. I have a tab at the top of my blog that you can click on to see all of his stamping tools. Look for "Dave's Stamping Tools for Sale"


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