January 29, 2017

Join My Team!

I did not have time to create a project for you today. My apologies. My Dad has been in intensive care all week since last Friday with pneumonia and breathing issues. I had so many friends and family praying for him. He is 79 years old and suffers from severe COPD due to smoking and being a mechanic all his life. Dave and I traveled over an hour each day to visit him in ICU. He was on a ventilator and sleeping peacefully from sedation for 4 days and it hurt so badly to see him that way. He was finally able to breath on his own on Tuesday of this past week. Friday (a week later), he was transferred to my home-town's local nursing home for some rehab for two weeks before he will be allowed to go home. My Mom was so glad that he was closer to her. He is so weak and I pray that he will be able to go back home. We visited with him yesterday and he is still not walking because he is so weak. They did arm rehab with him and plan to get him walking on Monday. He's come a long way!

So today I am reminding you about Sale-A-Bration and Stampin' Up! news!

Welcome to my team so far this month during the GREAT Sale-A-Bration Promotion:

Lori Austin
Sandy Boutilier
Mary Ann Gerrish
Salli Graham
Jennifer Roshto
Dawn Krakow
Rebecca Lauck
Angela Sherman!

All of these girls were able to order almost $200 worth of Stampin' Up! products for $99 and you can too! The question I keep asking myself is WHY doesn't everyone take advantage of this great deal? The best part is the 20% discount while you stock up!

What I love most is that it is No obligation:

No selling
No parties
No requirements

It is just really a GREAT deal! I will be honest, I think everyone should buy a kit :) I love a good deal! Get your wishlist going and click here to join now:



Use my Host/Hostess Code for all order of $50 to under $150.00 and earn free products from me. Right now everyone that has used the Host/Hostess Code will receive a value of $14.65 in free products. Use this code when you check out of my Online Store:


And receive this card kit in the mail at the end of the month for ordering online. I will send you all the pieces to create your own card:


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  1. Hope your Dad continues his recovery to feeling better and stronger.


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