January 18, 2017

2017 Easel Calendar!

Hi Stampers! I have a new 2017 Calendar to show you today that was so easy to create. Each year I try to come up with something different that I use in my stamp room for a calendar. This year is no different. This is what sits in my room:

Isn't it pretty and elegant? I use Basic Black, Basic Gray and the Red Foil Sheets for my calendar and then added in some Whisper White Flowers. I knew I wanted to use the new So Detailed Thinlits Dies. See my layers below?

And this is the photo easel that I purchased in the frame section at our local Walmart. I think I paid 96 cents for it:

Once I inserted glued my 3 layers together, I inserted into the frame and then added the calendar and flowers from the So In Love stamp set, to the front of the frame along with some Perfect White Accents:

I ended up layering the flowers with two layers. So I stamped 8 flowers total and hand-cut 4 of them to size. For the other 4 flowers, I trimmed them down smaller so I could glue them in the center with Stampin' Dimensionals to add height:

I even added Clear Wink Of Stella to the top layer and it looks fabulous in person:

The red foil delicate layer looks so pretty as a backdrop of color and adding just a few White Perfect Accents to the center of the detailed flowers really added to the mix. The White Perfect Accents were also glued to the front of the frame:

And here's a close-up to show you the height of my flowers:


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  1. Way cool! How clever of you to put some parts on the plastic for depth. Very cool! This frame is the size I wanted but the dollar store only had 5x7. It worked, not as fancy as yours though.

  2. I always love coming to see what else you've been working on besides Christmas, and this little calendar is SO pretty Debbie! I absolutely LOVE the color combo and that little pop of red foil sure packs a WOW!! I think I might need to try one of these...thanks for the inspiration!! :0)

  3. Saweet! Great Calendar! Thanks for sharing!


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