December 1, 2016

20% OFF, Thank you and Gift Ideas!

So it's the month of December and I am so grateful for ALL of the support you have given me ALL YEAR long. Whether you have ordered from my Online Store, subscribed to Paper Pumpkin or purchased my tutorials.....THANK YOU! Each year when the month of December rolls around, I have MY own way of thanking you for supporting me all year:

That's right.........I am giving anyone who orders through my ONLINE STORE, 20% off their order for the whole month of December! If you are not comfy with ordering online, contact me and I'll place the order for you. 

Once your order is placed, I will mail you a check for the 20% discount along with your FREE card kit. I will not be using a Host/Hostess Code for the month of December because I can't do both. So don't forget............20% OFF FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER!

NOTE: This is my own promotion and NOT Stampin' Up!

Stampin’ Up! has been doing a little year-end cleaning, and we’ve got some great deals to offer all of you! Our Year-End Closeouts will include holiday retiring products, clearance rack items, and current high-inventory catalog products.


• Promotion period: December 1, 2016 – January 3, 2017
• All products (and discounts, if any) can be found in the Year-End Closeouts category of the online store.
• Year-end closeout items may be added to all order types: workshop, customer, and online.
• Clearance Rack items are only available while supplies last.
• Following the Year-End Closeouts promotion, some products may remain on the Clearance Rack; other items may be removed from the Clearance Rack to be added at another undetermined time.
• High-inventory items will only be discounted through January 3; beginning January 4, they will still be available, but at regular price.
• Retiring item availability will follow standard retiring item rules:
        • Retiring stamp sets are guaranteed available until December 21, after which they will be only available while supplies last.
        • Retiring accessories will only be available while supplies last.
        • Retiring items will only be available while supplies last. All retiring items will be discontinued after January 3.
        • To see the list of holiday carryover items, click here.
• No minimum purchase is required to participate in Year-End Closeouts.
• Year-End Closeouts are eligible for Stampin’ Rewards with qualifying orders.

Visit my Online Store and click on 
Year-End Closeout on the left-hand side!

And lastly, do you need a special gift for a stamping friend or family member? Did you know my hubby makes stamping tools and we sell them here on my blog. Here's the listing:


My husband Dave retired in May 2014 when we sold our business. He picked up a new hobby since retirement when I asked him to help me organize my stamping room. Since then, he as been selling these items and I thought I would make them available here for you!

This fits a large glue gun, not the mini's, and has a ceramic tile in place for drips. Once the drips have cooled down you can just peel them right off to discard. Also included are six slots for spare glue sticks. A great way to store you gun upright while using it! You can leave it natural or paint it to your liking!

Shipping is legal size priority mail to USA and I'll ship within 24 hours of purchase! If you need more than one, please email me for pricing. I can fit 2 holders in one envelope!

Glue Gun Holder



These bases are made of pine wood and come in a set of 2 to accommodate 5-1/2" wide and 4-1/4" wide cards. Can be used for photo-taking or displaying your cards. Each has a recessed area for cards to sit in and a routered edge around all four sides.

Unfinished. Can be stained or painted to your liking. Here is what they both look like holding some of my cards:

Here is the PayPal link for purchase. Price of $10.50 includes shipping:

Wooden Card Display Base



In order to avoid burning or fire, this heat tool is constructed with "hardwood". The shelf on the bottom allows you to place your cardstock piece while heat-embossing so you don't burn your fingertips. Assembly required and all holes are pre-drilled. This is especially made for the Stampin' Up! Heat Tool. 

Price is $22.50 which includes Priority Shipping due to the weight of the item. The PayPal link is here to purchase:

Heat Tool Holder

Two new Upright Ribbon and Washi Tape Holders. The first option can be used in two different ways:


These two photo's (above and below) show how you can use this holder for a Washi Only or Washi and Ribbon combo. There are 4 rows of dowels. Two rows have 5 dowels to fit Washi Tapes and two rows have 3 dowels to accommodate ribbon. You can even remove some of the dowels if more room is needed for ribbon:


The 2nd option is for ribbon only:

There is a total of 12 dowels for all of your ribbon and dowels may be removed for the wider rolls of ribbon if needed.

Both of these items will be shipped un-assembled and all you need is a Phillips screwdriver to add the screws to the base. The dowels just pop in and out. These will also be shipped first class mail. Here are the two PayPal links, make sure you choose the correct one when purchasing:

Option #1: Upright Washi/Ribbon Holder:

Upright Washi Tape Holder

Option #2: Upright Ribbon Only Holder:

Upright Ribbon Holder



This unit is 9" long and holds up to 32 rolls depending on the width of your rolls. Must be assembled and all holes are pre-drilled.

Price is $16.50 which includes shipping

Washi Tape Holder



Makes various sizes of bows. Complete photo and text directions included. You can also make double bows, triple bows and more!

Price is $12.50 which includes shipping. 

Ribbon Bow Creator

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  1. Whoa! You have a handy hubby. Color me jealous. Those would make great gift items.

    If I understand this list right, the stuff from the holiday catalog has limited time since the catalog ends January 3. Some of that is discounted. The things from the regular catalog are high inventory items and are discounted as well. Come January 3 everything is either gone (holiday stuff, which has the right to show up on the clearance rack or not) or back to regular price (regular catalog). Is that it? Does this happen every year? I never knew.... !


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