July 31, 2016

3D Paper Moving Fish!

We had some visitors last weekend and when that happens it's "Grammy can we make stuff?". I saw an interesting project on Facebook a few weeks ago and "pinned" it to Pinterest under  my "Projects For My Granddaughter" board. My daughter Jessica had also seen this project and wanted to try these. So here is 8-year old Kaitlynn putting some finishing touches on her fish:

We made some big ones and some small ones:

These 3D fish can be made into any size as long as you start out with a square piece of paper. I would suggest not using cardstock as it would be too thick to "move". See the two sizes we made?

And I even have the link for the video!


And of course we had to have some playground time!

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  1. Cute fish! They might not be real fish but cat would still love to try to catch these.


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