June 16, 2016

My Painting Skills!

I am in my studio creating today as I don't have any projects to post. I'm a little behind so I thought I would post a recent painting project I made. It was my sons birthday a few weeks ago and some friends of mine knew that I was looking for some birch tree mushrooms. Dave and I were gone one day and some of the mushrooms magically appeared on our doorstep so I got busy painting.

I found a nice project inspiration on Pinterest and unfortunately when I clicked on the photo, it was only a photo, no website to give credit to. Isn't this photo just lovely? My son is a nature lover so I thought this would make for a nice project. Here's the inspiration photo I used:

And here is the birch tree mushroom I painted on. You can see some of the texture of the mushroom in the center. It is a little bumpy to paint on but it was fine. This took me about an hour to paint:

I added my colors a little more muted so the brightness wouldn't be so powerful. Especially the pinks. If you've never heard of birch mushrooms, this is what they look like when pulled off of a birch tree:

This one is a double birch mushroom which I had never seen before. This is what it looks like from a side view:

It was hard for me to get a perfect photo because of the curving of the mushroom and because of the texture in the center. I have a little bit of a glare on the dock portion:

My son really liked this. The boat reminded me of him as he likes to go kayaking and really, anything to do with nature! I am now working on a logo for his business which he started this summer and will show you that later. It's all done in PrismaColor Pencils with lots of shading. Greg and his buddy Seth started River's Edge Landscaping Co. and Mom is helping with the accounting and other things they may need to get started. Thanks for letting me show you my project today!



  1. Gorgeous! Love your painting on the mushroom, Debbie! What a beautiful idea for a very special birthday card! Your talent is amazing and i'm sure your son is going to LOVE this! :)

  2. I used to have a mushroom like that. I found it as a kid and pulled it off a tree, now I know what it was. Your painting is very well done and I love your choice of canvas!

  3. Debbie, your painting is amazing!! You are truly a gifted artist. What a very special card for your son.

  4. This is so lovely. I have never seen one of those mushrooms and I would never think to paoint on it. You did an awesome job on it. Absolutely beautiful


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