February 10, 2016

Kaitlynn's Valentine's Treats!

My daughter Jessica found a cute project on Pinterest and wanted to create a bunch for Kaitlynn's 2nd grade class. Oh my gosh I can't believe she is in 2nd grade already. Time flies.

So the project that you see below is what all 3 of us worked on a few weekends ago and it was fun. We used Pudding Cups, Juice Boxes, Mini Kit Kat Bars, Dove Chocolate Hearts and I can't remember what the candies are called that we used for the arms but take a peek at the masterpieces. These are Valentines Robots:

The cello bags with the red ribbon are for the boys and the ones with the pink ribbon are for the girls. The girl versions also have ribbon glued to the top of the pudding cups. You can see them here:

Their puppy Daisy was also here to help us. I giggled all weekend because this is a new puppy of theirs and she is still in the "training" stage. She still makes mistakes on the floor so Jess found some baby diapers......I'm totally serious! I had never heard of these. So as Daisy paraded around the house and shook her booty, we all laughed!

Kaitlynn insisted on adding the eyes after I drew the smiles with a red Permanent marker. And boy was she spot-on with making sure they were straight and perfect (a little bit of Grammy's Type-A I think?):

Here is the finished project and Kaitlynn was so proud of these:

I can't recall now how many we made. She used to have 22 kids in her class but they are now down to 14 I believe. The sentiment on each one reads "I Love You A Bot, Happy Valentines" and Kaitlynn signed her name on each one:

I hope you enjoyed my little story about our weekend a few weeks ago. We always have a good time when we create projects together. That's what paper-crafting is all about!

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  1. Oh, these are the cutest things! You both did an AWESOME job!! How fun and creative!!

    I was wondering what adhesive you used to put the robots together to make sure the pieces held? I'd love to give these a try with both of my grandchildren!!

    Thanks for the inspiration (and help)!!

  2. Your granddaughter, and family, did a great job. Wonderful idea. I would like to make some for my grandkids.

  3. These are the cutiest little gift ideas and for a school Holiday. By chance do you have a instruction sheet with a break down of what it has in it. Maybe a video. I just love them. Thank you so much for sharing.


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