November 19, 2015

More OnStage Local Photos!

Good Morning Everyone! Tonight I will be posting new projects for the Control Freaks November Blog Hop with a so please come back at 8:45 p.m. Eastern Time so see my Christmas-themed projects.

So this morning I am going to post some more photo's of OnStage Local in Baltimore MD. But before I do that, here are the Weekly Deals for this week:

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

These girls are my "Sidelines", which means we are all part of the same team. We hung out together all day Saturday and had a fabulous time:

These girls are my teammates: Suzanne, Nicki along with myself and Carol in the front. What a great time I had with these wonderful ladies!

We got to play with the "Photo Op" that was set up for anyone to take pictures. I wanted one for myself (above) and one with some of the girls at our table (bottom).

Throughout our event, Stampin' Up! draws what is called "Prize Patrols". We are all given badges in our goodie bags. You can see mine below which is the square "Melon Mambo" badge. Periodically during the event, they stop and call a color and you win a "Prize Patrol" which is usually something that will be debuting in the new catalog.....

I took pictures of some of my teammates as their colors were called. During the event we were not allowed to post photo's of the actual prizes so as to not ruin the surprise for other demo's watching from home. That's why you'll see a piece of paper in front of the new stamp sets!

And one of the highlights for me was the announcement of those who reached $100,000.00 in sales and I got to walk across the stage:

The photo is a little blurry as Suzanne took it as she is recuperating from hip surgery and could not get closer to snap it for me:

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