October 30, 2015

Paper Pumpkin October 2015 Kit!

Paper Pumpkin for October was fabulous! If you waited to subscribe, you missed one of the best kits yet. Do you recall last month when I showed you that all subscribers would be receiving a PINK box this month? A PINK box to show our support of Breast Cancer Research? $1 for existing subscribers and $2 for new subscribers is being sent to BCRF. How neat is that? And this is what the box looked like this month:

And this is what I found inside:

And I even have a Paper Pumpkin video to show you:

I sat down with my box and created all day long into the next day and came up with some really pretty alternative projects. AND if you are one of my subscribers, in a few days I'll be sending you my Paper Pumpkin Newsletter with even more projects from the Paper Pumpkin Gurus. We send our subscribers EXCLUSIVE projects each month! Here's a snapshot of all of my alternative projects and then I'll show them to you one at a time:

These three projects below are the projects made by following the enclosed directions. If you love these 3 cards as is, then finish your box of 9 cards this way, but if you want variety, do what I do and change things up!

Card #1 made with the directions

Card #2 made with the directions

Card #3 made with the directions

Card #4

Card #5

Card #6

Card #7

Card #8

Card #9

  Card #10
And my last card, a Pop-Up Slider Card:
I would love to hear from you and I would love it if you subscribed to Paper Pumpkin today. If you want the November kit, you need to subscribe before November 10th. Here's the link to my Paper Pumpkin store:

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  1. Hi Debbie, I LOVE my Paper Pumpkin. I put mine together yesterday and did a few alternatives and they are really pretty. I only subscribed in Jan. at I was going to cancel it because I wasn't crazy about the 3D projects but I'm sure glad I didn't cancel. They have been really nice and now I look forward to it every month. Thanks for posting your cards. They are soooo pretty. I think I might order another refill on them. I did for last months. Thanks again and have a great weekend


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