September 24, 2015

Witching Decor Project Kit!

I am having a get-together with some of my girls next week to create the Witching Decor Project Kit. I made mine already but will be creating a 2nd one for my granddaughter. Here's what mine looks like all completed....I love it!

I decided not to stamp the leaves. What I did instead is crinkle them all up and then uncrinkle them. I used the enclosed sponge to add ink to all the edges and also to the scrunches. I like how rustic they came out:

Don't you just love the little jingle bell at the top of the hat. The most exciting part of assembling this hat for me was when I had to bend to pointy part of the hat to shape it the way it came out. How fun was that!

Here is how the kit gets mailed to you all packaged up:

If you want one of these kits, they have been selling like hotcakes and will run out soon. We only have a set amount of them and they have sold so quickly. So act now before they are gone!

So many pieces to work with. So many in fact that I had left-overs to create a bunch of Halloween cards. You'll see those in my next photo:

Here are the 5 cards I made. All I added was the cardstock bases:

Here are all of the cards individually:

My girls will be creating these cards along with their kit. We are going to have a blast next week girls! Thanks for stopping by to visit me today!