July 23, 2015

Paper Pumpkin Bonus Project!

As most of you know, I belong to a group called the "Paper Pumpkin Gurus". We as a group, create "Exclusive Projects" for our subscribers only from our Paper Pumpkin kits. To give you an idea of what we do, we design projects that are "outside of our little red box". Today I have a sampling of what we do to show you. This is a card that was created using what was in our box along with some additional cardstock to create this unique "clean & simple" card:

Below you will see a PDF document that has all the steps needed to create this card. This is our "Bonus Project" for the month of July that you can download and print to copy! If you are one of our subscribers, you will receive 10-12 projects in a PDF document that will be emailed to you each month. How neat is that?

Click HERE to download and print!

Not one of my subscribers yet? How do you subscribe? Before I give you the link to my Paper Pumpkin Store, once you subscribe, you'll receive a a Clear Case from me that is all decked out for your Paper Pumpkin stamps. This is what the case looks like:

Now are you ready to sign up? Please go here to subscribe before August 10th to receive the August kit and we have a promotion starting today for 50% off your first two months:

Go to my store to sign up here:

Debbie Paper Pumpkin Store

Thanks for stopping by to visit me today!