May 17, 2015

YouTube Video: Coloring On Bleach Technique!

Dave and I arrived back home from New York to Maine last night from our cruise to the Bahamas! I had a great time but it's always great to be back home. We tried to walk daily on the cruise ship and a few days ago it was quite windy and I should have known better than to continue. I ended up catching a cold from being in the wind so I am now home with a sore throat and blowing my nose. A great time for a post-trip cold!

I had recorded a new video in advance for you before I left for our trip and am posting it today. The video shows you a neat way to color with bleach with the addition of adding ink color to the bleaching with a Blender Pen and Ink Pads.

Here is the card for today's video:

Notice the lighter "bleached" areas of my stamped images and how I added color to the leaves and flowers:

I hope you like the technique I am showing you today. I've listed all of the supplies I used during the video. You can click on the video below or the link I have provided below the video:

Thanks for stopping by to visit me today!