May 21, 2015

Paper Pumpkin May Sneak Peek!

Bright, Beautiful, Exciting....that's what this month's Paper Pumpkin is all about! My red box arrived at my doorstep yesterday and I didn't even have to lift a finger:

I was so eager to dig in and see what the surprise was this month. Inside the box was a flyer. Did you know you can sign up from now until June 10th to receive two months at 50% off! What a deal!

Once I read and removed the flyer, here's what I found. The very nicely-blue-tissue-wrapped contents:

Once I unwrapped the blue tissue, I found this adorable stamp set and an Indigo Blue Stampin' Spot (ink):

A package of cardstock and gift bag along with everything you need to assemble them all packaged nicely in clear wrap with instructions included:

Four beautiful gift bags, six envelopes and six card bases. Love the designs!

Then I found some twine, tags, balloon cut-outs, layers for my cards, tissue paper and white circles to stamp on:

Here they are all popped out and ready to go:

Before I show you some projects I created, here's a video showcasing this month's kit:

Now you know me, I try to add my own twist to some of the contents. Of course I can't show you all of them as some are "Exclusive" to the Paper Pumpkin Gurus group that I belong to. We create 8-12 projects each month and combine them into PDF directions for our Paper Pumpkin customers.

Here's what the kit is meant to look like:

Aren't the two projects so cute to present to someone for their birthday? The yellow tissue paper peeks out of the two balloon cut-outs in the gift bag. Neat! But what about using the contents and layers for something other than a birthday? I turned mine into thank you projects:

You can find the FREE PDF download which includes all of the instructions, measurements and products used:

Make sure you come back around the 5th of next month to view a Sneak Peek of our Exclusive Projects. I will email the PDF directions to all of my Paper Pumpkin Subscribers. If you are interested in the 50% off for two months deal, sign up here before the 10th of June. Use code SAVE50

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  1. Wonderful; however, I quit last month...have been disappointed the last two months or so!

    1. You have to think outside what is in the box Carol. It makes for interesting projects!

  2. Brilliant alternate projects Debbie. Thank you for sharing the PDF with pictures and details. I'm loving the new and improved pumpkins. Though I admit sometimes I look at the kit and
    The stamps are always wonderful and the best part of the kit generally. It's the alternate projects that clever demos show that I can pin as a reminder though that really give the kits value for me.

    1. Thanks Jean. My subscribers really like the alternate projects we come up with!


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