April 26, 2015

Jumbo Triangle Box & New YouTube Video!

Before I get to my new video, I have added MORE new listings in my Etsy Store. Make sure you check it out:

And here is the link to my Etsy Store if you were not able to click above: Debbie's Etsy Store

Now on to my new video for this week. I have re-created a traditional "Triangle Box" pattern into a "Jumbo Triangle Box" for you today with my new YouTube Video. So easy with step-by-step directions!

This is my "Jumbo Triangle Box":

Isn't it just darling? And you get to learn how to make one too! I have step-by-step instructions on my video and the pattern listed below. Keep scrolling below.

Here's the YouTube Video and make sure you subscribe to my channel while visiting. If you can't view it below by clicking on the video, here is the direct link to my YouTube Channel:

YouTube Video

And here is the pattern for the measurements you will need: JUMBO TRIANGLE BOX PATTERN

  Thanks for stopping by to visit me today!