March 13, 2015

Dear Debbie....

Veronica asked Dear Debbie: Can you use Blendabilities to color your stamps?  (Clear or Photopolymer)  How do you clean the stamps after using Blendabilities?

To answer this question, I have loaded photo's to show my own results and you can decide if it's worth trying. Here is a photo of a photopolymer stamp all colored and inked with a Coastal Cabana Blendabilities Marker:

It looks so pretty doesn't it? You begin to build a little bit of excitement when you see how easy it is to color the stamp image, but then this happens:

Not so pretty any more is it? And I was really quick about coloring followed by stamping as I know how quickly this ink dries. The color actually became a little sticky and stuck to my cardstock piece and the end result......stuck to the cardstock and ripped it. So back to the drawing board.

This time I colored and inked my stamp with the same marker but thought to myself, hmmm, Blendabilities contain alcohol to keep the color wet....why not spritz with rubbing alcohol?

That wasn't pretty either. I spritzed twice and somehow the color darkened in some areas and my stamp was still a little sticky....thus ripping the cardstock again. Okay, one more try....this time I colored and inked my stamp and spritzed 4 times:

What happened in this case is that the color was too saturated and ran in-between the detail lines and I ended up with a big blur of an image. It kind of looks watercolored though doesn't it? And a final challenge? Cleaning the stamp. The Blendabilities ended up good and stained on my stamp image as you can see below. I've scrubbed this once on my Stampin' Scrub and this is what remains:

So I over-spritzed it with rubbing alcohol and got most of it off but I still have some staining:

My answer to this question is maybe. The reason I answer maybe is because these markers are alcohol based and you are able to color just about anything with them but the ink dries very quickly.

Examples of things you can color with them are rhinestones, pearls, jewels, embellishments, ribbons, staples, etc. You can not rub the color off once you color with them. Thus, coloring on your stamped images will also result in staining your stamps. You can experiment with the less bolder images and yes, it may work!

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