March 8, 2015

Dear Debbie...

I had great feedback to the announcement of my "Dear Debbie" post last week! I forgot to mention that it was my downline Linda S. that suggested this to me. She thought that this would help people just starting out in their stamping venture along with seasoned stampers also. Thanks everyone that contacted me. I am going to try to add your questions once a week. So for this week here is what I have for you for a question from one of my readers:

Candy wrote: Dear Debbie, I am having trouble getting a good image with my new photopolymer stamps.  I also have trouble with them sticking to my SU paper after stamping.  The white paper will actually tear sometimes.  I have made sure my ink pads were very wet and have tried several colors with the same result?  Any suggestions?

Candy, thanks so much for your questions! For part one these are a few things I've done to my photopolymer stamps that will also apply to the 2nd question you asked. You can try one of these at a time or try several:
  • First I would use my Stampin' Mist and Stampin' Scrubber to remove any oils, grease and manufacturers residue. I usually do this to all of my stamps (wood & clear mount also) before I use them for the very first time.
  • You can use your Adhesive Remover or a pencil eraser and rub either one on your stamp image, clean again, ink and stamp. You may need to repeat a few times.
  • When placing your stamp image on your clear block, make sure you don't just slap it on in one swoop. There sometimes will appear small air bubbles that change the way your stamp is inked. I carefully stick my stamp to the clear block by starting with one edge and rolling it into place, pressing as I roll it on. This alleviates the formation of air bubbles.
  • Place your stamp image with the clear block upside-down so your stamp image is facing upwards and tap your ink pad on the stamp to ink. Use a tap, tap, tap motion. This sometimes will have better ink coverage results. 
  • The photopolymer stamps do not have a foam backing like our Clear & Wood Mount sets so when you stamp, there is no give to them. I use my Stampin' Pierce Mat and place it under my cardstock. Once you stamp with the mat underneath, there is a little bit of cushion and the results are instant. If you do not own a mat, you can also use a catalog or magazine.
  • Stamps do get dirty with use. I give my photopolymer's a good wash by using a few drops of Dawn Dish Liquid in a dish of water, let soak for a bit and rub your fingers over the photopolymer. Rinse in a dish of clean water. Do not rinse under the faucet as you will lose some of your smaller stamps down the drain. Ask me why I know this? 
  • You can lightly sand your stamp image with a sanding block or emery board nail file. Gently sand, clean the stamp and then ink and stamp.
  • Finally, you can ink your stamp with VersaMark Ink first, followed by your ink pad. The VersaMark tends to stick to the stamp image well and sucks in the ink from your ink pad. The VersaMark will not hurt your ink pad.
I hope these tips work for you Candy, and others having a similar problem. Start and experiment with the simpler ones first. Good luck!
Thanks for stopping by to visit me today!