January 3, 2015

Heat Tool Holder!

Hubby Dave is at it again! He is so enjoying his "new" retirement and getting a lot done around the house (and in my stamp room!). I had requested from him awhile back, that I wanted a holder for my Stampin' Up! Heat Tool and voila, he made me one. He is also willing to make them for anyone that would like to purchase one. Here is what they look like:

Dave did not want to use softwood because the heat tool throws off so much heat that there could be a danger of fire. So we opted to go with the more expensive "hardwood". Each holder will be mailed priority mail and will include pre-drilled holes so all you have to do is find a phillips screwdriver, screw the pieces together and your ready to go. Have you ever burned your fingertips when using a small piece of cardstock and trying to emboss? That's why there's a shelf on the bottom. You place your cardstock piece on the shelf and move as needed. No more burning off plastic tabletops, countertops or pieces of paper. This is what it looks like when you have cardstock sitting on the bottom portion to be embossed:

Dave is making these as they are selling so please allow a few days for a delivery notification through PayPal. Here is the link to purchase a "Heat Tool Holder" for $22 which includes priority shipping in the price:

Heat Tool Holder
If you are local and would like to pick one up in person, the price is $17.00! Email me if you would like to pick one up and I will set up a date for you!
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