January 16, 2015

Braided Card meets Butterfly Basics!

I am revisiting the Braided Card edge. Isn't it the neatest thing and so easy. I have the pattern for you to print at the bottom of my post.  The pattern was sent to me from a previous downline of mine quite some time ago. (Hi Ellen!). All you do is place it on the card fold, snip where indicated and fold:

Love, love, love my new butterfly dies. I learned how to make the cutting easy by using dryer sheets. Have you tried or heard about this yet? If not, you just place 4 new dryer sheets unfolded, stacked up and then fold them in half so you have 8 layers. First you cut out your butterfly using the Big Shot. Remove the die with the cardstock still intact. Lay the dryer sheets on your Big Shot Platform with the usual "sandwich" and the addition of the dryer sheets. Just like this  ---->Platform, Cutting Plate, Dryer Sheets, Butterfly Die with cardstock, Cutting Plate....and run through the Big Shot. You peel the butterfly off and the guts stay on the dryer sheet! Yes!

And you can re-use the dryer sheets over and over. Notice the butterfly in the center is stamped and then cut. The Butterfly Basics Stamp Set has the coordinating stamp!

If you would like to try this braiding technique, here is the pattern you can print: Pattern
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