January 23, 2015

Another New Tool!

Thank you for the overwhelming response in purchasing some of Dave's stamping tools. He is adding another one today. I had a person comment that she would like to have a tool made for holding ribbon that can be carried to her stamping space and to her classes. Here is the new one that can be purchased in two options:
The first option is as a Washi Tape and Ribbon Holder:


These two photo's (above and below) show how you can use this holder for a Washi Only or Washi and Ribbon combo. There are 4 rows of dowels. Two rows have 5 dowels to fit Washi Tapes and two rows have 3 dowels to accommodate ribbon. You can even remove some of the dowels if more room is needed for ribbon:


The 2nd option is for ribbon only:

Both of these items will be shipped un-assembled and all you need is a Phillips screwdriver to add the screws to the base. The dowels just pop in and out. These will also be shipped first class mail. Here are the two PayPal links, make sure you choose the correct one when purchasing:

Option #1: Upright Washi/Ribbon Holder:

Upright Washi Tape Holder
Option #2: Upright Ribbon Holder:

Upright Ribbon Holder
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