November 30, 2014

Hello December Project Life!

Hello December...which is tomorrow is also the name of a Stampin' Up! Project Life Card Collection and Accessory Pack:

So what do you get when you cross the above accessory pack with the below card collection?

Why this of course! This idea is from Janet Wakeland and the holder is from IKEA:

The envelopes hold the 25 days of Christmas made with the Envelope Punch Board. The top card is the beginning of Christmas:

And as you flip-a-card-a-day, you will see Day 1, Day 2, Day 3....and so on:

And the very last one is a Christmas greeting for Day 25:

This is what the project looks like at a side view. You can see the two rings at the top that hold each envelope so you are able to flip them:

Each envelope holds a slide-out piece that can be used for an Advent project. I haven't finished that part yet. Some ideas are "List of Advent Christmas Movies", "List of Advent Scriptures", "List of Advent of Fun Activities for Kids", the list can go on and on. Once all of the envelopes were made, it was quick & easy to decorate each one with the Project Life Accessories & Card Collection.


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EDITED: Many of you have asked for the item I purchased at Ikea, here is the link:
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  1. Do you know what department at target she found the holder?

    1. Julie, here is the link. I listed Target and it should have read Ikea:

  2. Bummer can't find that frame stand!! VERY cute idea!

    1. Here is the link for the item:


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