October 24, 2014

Cassette Tape Business Card Holder!

I'm doing a "rewind" of sorts today for my post. Do any of you remember these from the 1970's & 80's and ? Do you even know what these are? 

These are cassette tape holders and I had a ton of these when I was a teenager. A cassette tape is (was) a recording of music that we inserted into a cassette player. Today we have CD's and iPod's and back then we had cassette's. Anyway, enough of the history lesson. I was sorting out some drawers and came across this case that I had kept "just in case" and right away I strutted over to my stamp room to "re-purpose" this into a business card holder:

I literally stopped what I was doing because at my age, when a thought occurs, you get to it ASAP because if you wait, that thought disappears never to appear again. I've learned to write things down or go do them ASAP. I had this in my hand, light-bulb moment went off and this is what was created. So what do you think of my business card holder? Pretty cute huh? My stamp room is painted and decorated in fallish colors so I stuck with those colors. Here is what the case looks like when it's open:

And on the flip side:

I used the Color Me Autumn Designer Paper. The reverse side is the green dotted background that you don't see when the business card holder is folded in place:

I used the What's Up Punch to add a few small layers in the corners. I like how I added one arrow at the top that points down to my business cards:

And of course we had to have some butterflies, of course! It looks so pretty sitting in my stamp room on one of my shelves!

Here's what I used:
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  1. I do remember these! How cute and creative is this?!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Genius - loved how you deco it too!

  3. This is the coolest idea Debbie!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  4. Oh boy!! I do remember and STILL HAVE this cassettes, they still work fine, some of my favorite music is taped in them so I could never get rid of them. My grandkids truly have never seen this things and they kind of chuckle when they see me slip one on my boom box or in the car, (yes, we have an old car that still takes cassettes), and my daughters have a fogged up memory of them.
    This is a great way to use the cases, how very clever and creative of you Debbie. And, I hear you loud and clear, when you have a good idea popping out in your head, you better write it down or get to it immediately or else, it will be lost, if not forever, at least for a long while.
    Thanks again for sharing this really awesome idea.


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