August 8, 2014

Paper Pumpkin July!

Phew...I am still trying to catch up from attending the Stampin' Up! convention in mid-July. I'm almost there. We missed our get-together this month for Paper Pumpkin. You know, during convention Paper Pumpkin was discussed at length and we were given sneak peeks of upcoming kits and wow, I can not believe the numbers and how many of you subscribe to this great program...kudo's to you all! The kits have been revamped and you get so much bang for your buck!

Because I was gone when my little red box arrived, it was too late for me to meet with my girls in July. Let's see what we got in our little red box for last month and if you read to the end, I have a little tip for you that I learned at convention:

I love that a "Thank you" is always included in each box and look below at this month's kit:

Silver stars...a whole page of them:

Stars and the words "WISH"...another whole page:

More stars with the addition of hearts....yet again, another whole page:

Six card bases and six envelopes:

Circle tags and border strips:

And these awesomely cute goodie boxes....six of them!

This is what I've created with my kit pieces so far....and I've got more pieces left-over:

Here's some individual photos:

I made a total of 3 cards:

I used two of the goodie boxes, folded and glued the two side flaps to the inside box and kept the top flaps open. I then glued the two boxes to each other:

Decorate the goodie holder and add cello bags full of treats that are secured by two tags:

The next three photo's show 3 different ways to decorate 3 goodie boxes:

And finally, my last project was to cut off the top flap and side tabs off of the last goodie box to make a tag, card & envelope storage box:

I decorated the outside of the box and then decorated 3 of the tags:

Here comes the fun part! I licked and glued the flaps of three envelopes and then cut them in half on the long side to create envelope pockets. I also folded 3 card bases and cut those in half also to create mini cards:

Now are you ready for my tip? The tip is for helping you line up sticky letters. What you do is start out with a window sheet. I used the window sheet that came with my Photopolymer stamp set.

Using the window sheet, press the letters in place and perfectly lined up on the very top edge. My letters are sitting about 1/4" at the top of the sheet:

Using the window sheet with the letters perfectly lined up on it, place it on your card base and figure out where you want your letters final destination to be:

When you are ready to place your stickers in place, press the top of each letter in place on your cardstock and carefully lift the window sheet so that the bottom of your letters peel off and stay in place on your cardstock base = perfect placement!

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