July 9, 2014

Tags, Tags and more Tags

I am getting so nervous! I have exactly one more week to go before I leave for my very first Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake City UT, yay for me! I'm not normally one that likes crowds so I'm anxious to see how I will make out with all of this. My hubby Dave is coming with me as we are making a vacation out of our trip. We will have a rental car and drive to Hoover Dam, Vegas and the Grand Canyon with other stops in-between. Can't wait!
So....for today I am showing you some tags, lots of tags. I participated in a tag swap with a group of girls that are demonstrators in Maine. We host a swap once every quarter. This is the tag that I made for the swap:

We made a total of 15 tags each so that we would end up with 15 of our very own to use!

These are all the tags I received from the girls:

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