July 2, 2014

My Paper Pumpkin June!

Our Paper Pumpkin Kit for the month of June was so jam-packed with supplies. We met as a group last night and made all of the projects below and we STILL had stuff left over to make more!

Of course it all started with this little red box from Stampin' Up! that showed up on my doorstep:

24....yes I said 24, sheets of designer paper all cut and ready to make pinwheels out of!

Straws and cello bags:

Embellishments, Baker's Twine, 3 stamps and some glue dots. I forgot to photo the pre-cut banners that came with this kit also and a Night of Navy Ink Spot:

Where oh where do I start with all of these goodies? Well, I dug out a red solo cup and turned it upside-down. I used my exacto knife to poke 3 holes. I assembled 3 pinwheels to 3 straws and slipped them in my solo cup. I stamped on one of the banners and glued it to the front of the cup and finished off my project by winding Baker's Twine and tying a bow:

Totally adorable as a 4th of July centerpiece. Next, I told my girls to bring some Real Red, Night of Navy and Whisper White Cardstock and we made cards, lots of cards. Even though these cards are all red, white & blue, how appropriate for anniversay, birthdays and any other type of celebration:

If you take one of the designer papers and cut off 2 opposite triangles, you can make this bow. The shape you are left with actually looks like a bow. You take each outside corner and bend towards the enter and glue in place with a Mini Glue Dot. Then you add a ring around the center and slip a banner through the center!

For card #2, we cut some straws in different lengths and made a Christmas tree out of them and added a Tea Lace Doily for the background.

Card 3 uses 8 pieces of designer paper but snipping to the center to remove triangles. Add a brad through all the holes and fan them all out. Glue in place and trim the ends.

The 4th card uses the party stamp along the whole length of the card to create a continuous border. We cut some of the designer paper with the Postage Stamp Punch and glued a length of straw at the top.

Card 5 uses more triangles glued to the bottom and sides of the card and banners cut in half. We stamped the "celebrate" by only inking once and stamping 4 times without re-inking.

How about some candles for Card 6?  The flames are cut using the Bird Punch!

Card 7 uses a pinwheel with a simple sentiment.

Card 8 uses one triangle with some Baker's Twine, a brad and the sentiment "party" stamped 3 times without reinking.

Card 9 uses three triangles, Baker's Twine and I stamped around the top of the shapes.

An Easel Card for card #10 with a pinwheel, some banners, a straw for the stopper to hold the card upright and some Baker's Twine.

A bow as was created on Card #1 to use on a gift, package or gift bag and finally....

.........how can you not use some of these items to create a "Summer" banner for your summer festivities?

  And as I stated at the beginning of my post, I still have lots of left-over supplies!
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  1. lovely creations ! great !
    greetings from sunny belgium

  2. I cant believe you made all this! I have had no interest in my paper pumpkin. I would not be able to to think up all these great ideas! Too bad I don't live near you!

    1. Oh Cathi, you would be able to! And I always post the additional projects here for you to copy. You should give it a try!

  3. I love all the ideas and printed them out. I love the print friendly button on your blog, always such great ideas!!!

    1. Glad you like the print button Christina, it's a great way to save everything you like right at your fingertips! Thanks so much!

  4. The June PP wasn't that interesting to me, but I tried 1 pinwheel. The instructions are simple, yet too simple. How the heck do you attach the pinwheel to the straw thing? I used the glue dots they provided, but isn't it supposed to spin? Do we poke it thru the straw? It doesn't say? And how to attach the banner so it doesn't slide up and down the straw? Your ideas are way better than the kit!

    1. Soph, what I did with the straws is pinch the end flat and pierce a hole through it with my paper piercer and insert the brad. I'm not sure what you mean about the banner? If it's the little ones after you stamp them, I would attach them with the glue dots. That's what I used my glue dots for. Thanks for liking my ideas!

  5. Debbie - You always amaze me with all you create with your My Paper Pumpkin kits. I love the June kit. You did a great job. Congratulations on earning the Get-Away trip. I think I just squeezed by myself!!

  6. So great to hear you'll be in DC too Barb! Maybe we will get to meet. Thanks for your kind words!


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