June 1, 2014

Follow me on Networked Blogs!

Hi Everyone...as you know, I've been having reports from some of you that you are no longer receiving my blog posts in your email. Feedburner, which is the newsletter/email delivery service that I have been using for over 5 years now is no longer working properly and will probably be shutting down altogether. I have been searching for a better way for you to receive my daily posts, that I don't have to pay for and for now, I have found "Networked Blogs" which is done through Facebook:

I signed up for this myself to give it a try. You can add all of your favorite blogs and you'll receive a feed from Networked Blogs in your email. The photo above shows you some of my favorite blogs and how they show up on my daily emails.

Here is where you can sign up:

Click HERE

You can set your own preferences and add a listing of blogs that you want to be sent to you by email. You usually get one email each day if someone updates. 
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  1. Thanks Debbie...all signed up for you blog as well as others on there that I already follow and maybe 1 or 2 new ones. Hope this works well for you!

    1. Me too Carol! I've lost a few people because they weren't getting my updates by email. Crossing fingers!

  2. Hi Debbie. I don't do facebook. Will I still get your posts in my e-mail?

    1. Patti, it's not me. It's blogger that may be removing the feedburner notifications. Some have already lost me so not sure what is going to happen. Let me know when and if you stop receiving them. I'm still trying to find something suitable and this is all I can find right now.

    2. I have never had a problem with not receiving your posts in my e-mail. I get them all the time and have been very happy with Feedburner's service, not just with your blog but others as well. Are you sure that it is Feedburner dropping the e-mails or could there possibly be a problem on some of the subscribers' end?
      I do hope you will not switch to Networked Blogs. I'll be very disappointed. I tried to see if I can sign up for it and realized I will not be able to do it, because I am not now a member, nor do I want to sign up to be a member of facebook. ever. really.
      Hopefully, something will work for everybody. :)
      Have a great week, Debbie.

    3. Sue, hopefully you will keep receiving the updates. We (blogger) were told the service would be discontinued at some point and some have lost it already. Even re-subscribing is no longer working. I am not the only Stampin' Up! demonstrator with these issues as we were told Feedburner would be phasing out at some point.


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