April 6, 2014

Designer Paper Gift Bag!

I posted this gift bag made from 2 sheets of designer paper a few weeks ago. I had made this gift bag for a gift for my granddaughter Kaitlynn's 6th birthday along with other things:

Well, I decided to make another one and not only that...these are so quick & fun to make that I thought I would show you how!

Don't you like it when I do that? First you will need 2 identical pieces of 12" x 12" designer paper, a scoring tool, bone folder, scissors, adhesive, cardboard and string or ribbon.

Step 1:

Using your scoring tool, score 3" on three sides and 2" on the 4th side. Fold and make each scored line crisp by using a Bone Folder. Repeat for sheet #2.

Step 2:

Using your scissors and Sheet #1, cut two slits to form tabs as shown. The 2" fold should be at the very top when placed in front of you and cut the score lines horizontally as shown above.

Step 3:

Using Sheet #2, cut off 2 corners as shown. Again the 2" score line should be at the top of the DSP when facing you.

Step 4:

Cut a piece of cardboard measuring a sliver smaller than 3" x 6". Apply liquid glue to the tab of sheet #2 that you created in Step 3. Make sure you apply glue to the pattern side that will be the front of your bag. Glue the cardboard to this tab.

Step 5:

Flip sheet #1 to the pattern that will face the inside of the bag. Apply glue to the center tab as shown above.

Step 6:

Press the cardboard that you glued to sheet #1 to sheet #2 so that they overlap as shown above.

Step 7:

Fold the two small tabs inwards and apply glue.

Step 8:

Fold the top of your designer paper when you scored your 2" line towards the outside of your bag to create a flap. Bend one side of your designer paper upwards and glue the two small tabs to the inside sides to form your bag. Press in place for a few minutes.

Step 9:

Apply glue to one whole side that you just created in Step 8 making sure the 2" flap is folded over. Bring side 2 layered over side 1 and press in place overlapped to each other. Repeat for the other side to complete all four sides of your bag.

Step 10:

You can glue the top flaps to the designer paper to keep them flat if you wish. The photo below shows you what your bag should look like when glued in place:

Step 11:

Now use a hand-held punch to create holes at the top of the flaps on each side.

Step 12:

Add string through the holes and tie into double-knots on the inside and this is what your completed gift bag looks like!

Pretty neat & simple huh? I hope you decide to try this. The finished size of the gift bag is 7" tall by 6" wide. You can use up some of your stash of designer paper that you have laying around!
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  1. Beautiful bag and thank you for sharing the how-to...I always love when you do that! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon! Thanks, Debbie!

    1. Thanks Carol, I don't always have time to add tutorials but this one is so much fun to make that I knew my followers would love to try it!

  2. This is a fabulous tutorial. I just made two of them! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Glad you tried this Miriam. Thanks for visiting!

    2. This is a great tutorial. Thanks so much.


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