March 16, 2014

Blender Pen Tips & Refill!

I have a quick tip & tutorial for you today. I color a lot and the tips to my Blender Pens sometimes take a beating. It saddens me to throw them away as the remainder of the pen is perfect. I found this website that sells the replacement tips:

EDITED: I guess the web address on the business card is not correct so here is the direct link here:


which is:

I took the day yesterday to play with them and update some of my beat-up Blender Pens:

All you need is a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull off one end. See the little black pieces sitting next to the business card? That's what I pulled off. I then removed all of the tips and threw them away.

I added the new tips, plus two that were okay, into my bowl which had a "Blender Pen Refill" recipe that I made myself. I then added the "straws" that sit inside of the Blender Pen into the bowl also. After a while, I flipped the straws so that other ends were soaked.

Here is the recipe I used for the refill. I added it to a container that seals well for storage and re-use:
 1 oz. glycerin
2 oz. distilled water
3/4 teaspoon rubbing alcohol
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  1. great tips Debbie
    thank you

  2. Oh Debbie, this is great news!!! I've been holding on to my SU Blender Pens, I too hate to throw them out. Thank you for the recipe, I think the only ingredient I don't have is the Glycerin but that can be remedied with a trip to the Pharmacy. My tips are also all smashed so it's great to know that you can buy them. I'm going to take a looksee at that web store.
    Happy Sunday!!

    1. I can't hear your excitement Maria! Glad you are going to try this!

  3. Debbie,
    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just threw away a blender pen a couple of weeks ago! I didn't know you could do this! I just ordered some and can't wait to replace the tips on my remaining blender pens!!

    1. So glad you will be able to save the remainder Donna!

  4. ok maybe I missed it but where do you purchase the replacement tips?


    1. Kema, if you hover over the word "LINK" you can click on the word and it will take you to where you need to place your order.

  5. Thank you for the great tip on fixing up old blender pens. :)


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