February 25, 2014

Liebster Blog Award!

My blog friend Lori Turner surprised me a few days ago by sending me the "Liebster Blog Award". What is this award? It's an award given by other bloggers and exists only on the internet. Here's more information about the award if you would like to read about it: Liebster Award
In order to receive the award, I have to answer 11 questions and then select 11 of my own favorite blogs. Here are the questions Lori sent me and my answers in red:

1. What made you decide to start crafting? I attended a Stampin' Up! workshop back in 1997 and was hooked immediately. I couldn't even SLEEP that night because I was so pumped!
2. Where is your #1 place to purchase crafty supplies? Stampin' Up!
3. Do you prefer rubber/clear stamping or digi stamping? Although I purchase clear because of the space-saving cases, I still prefer rubber!
4. How long have you been a paper crafter? I loved paper crafting when I was a child so I've been at it for a very long time
5. How many design teams are you on? Currently 4
6. What's your favorite holiday? When it comes to crafting and decorating, I love Halloween the most
7. What would you say your crafting "style" is? CAS? Layers? I'm an in-betweener, I'm not quite Clean & Simple but I also don't like clutter on my cards. I like clean lines and a focal point on my cards so maybe "Clean and Layered"?
8. What's your favorite source for crafty ideas? Magazines? Online sources? With all the rage, Pinterest is my all-time favorite right now
9. What do you use for coloring your images? I love my Blender Pen and inks from my ink pads and the best is our watercolor paper
10. What size cards do you typically make? For photography purposes on my blog, I love the way the 11" x 4 1/4" cards look on my blog so I prefer that size (scored in the center at 5 1/2")
11. Are you a scrapbooker, stamper or both? I started out scrapbooking, finished all of the photo's of family & my kids, turned to card-making and now have a grandchild so I am now doing both!
Now I have to list 11 of my favorite blogs (with 500 or less followers). This was the hard part as I have lots of blogs I visit when I have time to (which is not often lately). Here are some girls that are either teammates of mine or close friends:
  1.  ARTfelt Impressions: Deb Currier
  2. Maine Mountain Stamper: Cathy Autrey 
  3. JeanStamps: Jeannine Tarrio 
  4. Tracey Roy: Lakeshore Paper Art 
  5. Carrie Arsenault: Mainely Stamping
  6. Patti Corriere: What Are You Inking?
  7. Terry Blais: Goin' Over The Edge 
  8. Melissa Davies: RubberFUNatics 
  9. Elizabeth Price: Seeing Ink Spots
  10. Linda Callahan: Stampin' Seasons 
  11. Rita Wright: Rita's Creations 
And I will keep the same 11 questions Lori sent me as they were quite fun to answer!
Thanks for stopping by to visit!