January 15, 2014

Burlap & Blooms Wreath Tutorial!

I posted this Stampin' Up! Burlap & Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit that I completed a few weeks ago. I've had several people ask me if the wreath is difficult to assemble. By chance, I had taken photo's of each step as I assembled and finally had a chance to add this tutorial for you today. After viewing, you can decide on purchasing the kit. I highly recommend the purchase as this was so much fun.

Here is what the completed wreath looks like. Now remember, I decided to add my own "Easter" lettering to the wreath to make it into an Easter wreath. The letters you see below do not come with the kit:

Here all all the pieces that came with the kit:

You will need a hot glue gun for this project.

Here are the steps....first, add a dab of hot glue to the center of the cardboard wreath form and press the burlap ribbon in place. Wait a few minutes for the glue to set:

Wrap the ribbon around the whole ring form. I made sure the top of the burlap ribbon was overlapped by about 1/4" of an inch on the outside and the inside is overlapped by about 1/2". Continue to wrap and when you get to the end, add a dab of hot glue, press in place and cut off the burlap:

The instructions for the next step (to me) were a little unclear in the enclosed directions but I'm french so maybe it was me! You will be using the strips of designer paper that are pre-cut with slits in the centers:

Peel off the double-sided tape backing on the wrong side of the DSP:

Bend the strip over on the long side so that both edges are even and press in place. Make sure you do not press the opposing side flat:

Remove the backing from the sticky strip:

Grab one end of the strip and start rolling the dsp, keeping it tight as shown below:

Keep rolling and pressing in place. When you reach the end, adhere a 2nd strip to the first rolled up strip and continue rolling:

This is what your flower bottom will look like when you have reached the end of the 2 strips that are now glued together:

Here are a few of the completed flowers:

You will end up with 4 different colors of flowers using the 2 strips glued together and you will also end up with 4 more flowers of the same color using only 1 strip of dsp for each flower. Notice the size difference:

Now let's move on to the flowers that use the circular cut-outs. Apply a drop of hot glue near the slit:

Overlap the circle slit over the hot glue and this forms a disk-like petal. Repeat until all the circles have been glued for each color & size:

Now you are going to start layering your circles. I started by gluing 3 of them together as shown:

And I just kept adding circles around and behind the 3 from the first layer:

I wanted to be different and used my brand new Fringe Scissors to cut around the gray circle that will be used for the center of the flower:

Apply hot glue to the center and press the gray circle in place. Add a piece of Linen Thread knotted into the button holes and glue the button in the center with hot glue:

Repeat for all other flowers:

For the 3rd set of flowers, all you do is layer them and add a Mini Brad in the center:

Glue all of your flowers and leaves in place on your wreath using hot glue:
If you purchase a wreath kit from me or through my online store, I will send you the "EASTER" letters for free along with a homemade card as a thank you! You just need to let me know what color you would like for your lettering!
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