December 22, 2013

Monster Hugs Boy & Girl!

How would you like to purchase something that will instantly put a smile on your face, the face of your child, or the faces of your child's classroom buddies that these are given to? And what am I kidding, why wouldn't any adult like to receive these as well? Just take a look at these cuties and you'll see what I'm talking about:

This is a kit that has all the pieces you need except for a small candy or chocolate. There is a small adhesive-backed center of the front that you stick a small chocolate or candy to and then you bring the arms into a big ole hug, attach the arms at the slits and add a sticker heart to hold everything in place.

There is even a place on the back to add the "To" and "From" along with some cute little buns with a heart on the back pocket. Stick a googly eye to the front and your good to go!

Monster Hugs Girl
Item #132163   Price: $5.95

Monster Hugs Boy
Item #132162  Price: $5.95

Your kids will love giving these cute monsters away to their friends and classmates. Buy them the cutest valentines around. Only available for a limited time. Comes with 18 girl or boy monsters, 18 googly eyes, 18 adhesive hearts.

These kits are only available for a limited time or until they run out so grab them now while you can. I'm giving my two kits to my 5 year old granddaughter Kaitlynn for her Kindergarten class.

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