July 23, 2013

Tuesday Tips or Techniques!

Hi Stampers! I hope your week started out with a bang! The month of July has been hot here in Maine. Seems like it rained and rained and then once the heat settled in, wowza! We are nearing the end of July and heading to August soon. August through October are my favorite months. I don't like them to make an appearance too quickly though as that usually means snow is on the way.

And speaking of the fall months, today I have a cute little hand-made treat box to show you:

And you wouldn't believe what I repurposed to create it. It's sitting right below these words.....

Haha, yes! It's an empty roll of bathroom tissue! Yes way! First I used my Bone Folder to flatten it up really really good on each side:

Now this is the point in my project where I would glue some designer paper to the whole roll before proceeding but since I am showing you how to do this, I'll save the designer paper for later.

Using a spool of ribbon or something similarly round, place it on the end of each side of your cardboard tubing and trace a pencil line to create rounded ends. Cut with your Paper Snips:

Now, using the ribbon spool a 2nd time, flip it so that the curved end joins the ends that you cut off on each side. See in the photo below where I've already drawn the 2nd curve that meets the first curve? The one on the left-hand side? In order to create a scored line, I used a Stampin' Pierce Mat and my Scoring Tool to trace the penciled line to score it on both ends of the roll. Flip roll over and repeat on side 2:

Once all score lines have been prepped, pinch the sides of your roll and push on the score lines to make them fold in towards the center:

Flip the roll over and repeat:

Using a 3/4" Circle Punch, punch a half-circle notch on each end. This will make it easier to open the flaps:

The notches should be cut on one adjacent flap on one side only:

This is what my completed box looks like covered with designer paper. It is much easier to glue the designer paper in the first few steps:

And my little box all decorated for a Halloween treat:

Isn't it great to be able to create something from an item you would generally toss in the trash? And it's free afterall! Thanks for visiting today!