July 16, 2013

Tuesday Tips or Techniques!

Are you one of those lucky stampers who has the coordinating products below from the Stampin' Up! catalog:

The "Flower Shop Stamp Set" and the "Pansy Punch". What fun! But oops....
How do we get a perfect stamped image facing the right direction for the punch without spending lots of time lining it up correctly? If you look at the stamped image below, notice that all the petals are different:

At first, I turned and turned and turned my stamp image until I finally had it lined up correctly. I kept thinking...there must be an easier way.....

Look at what I did:

I figured out which two petals belongs at the very top of the punch when lined up and cut a notch in each flower stamp as shown above. I make sure the notched area of my stamp is facing the very top of my clear block as shown below:

And make sure it is facing in the correct position on my cardstock when I stamp the image. Notice the notch is facing the top here:

So the punch lines up perfectly:

Perfectly punched flower:

I've seen other stampers use a Permanent Marker and place a dot on the rubber but that dot will be scrubbed away at some point when cleaning the stamp. I thought this would be more permanent. Oh and one last tidbit of information, no I don't use my clear labels on my stamps, they stick better without them! 
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