July 21, 2013

Spotlight Sunday!

Happy Sunday Stampers! You know what today is? Today is Spotlight Sunday and for today's projects, I am showing you what Linda Sinclair mass-produced recently. Linda is a new demo to Stampin' Up! and is actually one of my "Sidelines". She is also a "Snowbird" from Florida and originally from Houlton Maine. It's quite funny how we met. She is a downline to Diane and Diane contacted me to find out about classes that I hold each month because she had a "Snowbird" that would be in Maine soon. Anyway, to make a long story short, we've met in person and we go back and forth emailing. I told her about my "Spotlight Sunday" and this is what she sent for today:

Linda made 9 of these cards in one sitting! And each one of them is used for different "Masculine" holidays or what have you. Aren't the cards just so neat! She was a little frazzled by the mass production though. She said "It felt more like a production line than creating"!

I love that the designer paper she used was double-sided and she flipped the paper over and used the opposite side for the collar and the same designer for the front of the shirt appears on the inside of the collar to match. It's gotta match, you know me!

Thanks for your submission this week to my "Spotlight Sunday" Linda. Glad to have met you in  person! It's so amazing the friends you create by being a part of the same company!

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