March 18, 2013

This just in today and I had to share.....

Big Changes for My Digital Studio!

For those of you that have waited to purchase the My Digital Studio software because the price just wasn't right or affordable, Stampin' Up! has just lowered their prices to make it more affordable for everyone!

The price is now only $19.95
You can purchase the software on a disc
Item # 130647
Or you can purchase the softwas as a download
Item #130646

With this disc or download, you’ll get:
  •  Full access to the software and design tools to create cards, photobooks, calendars, and more
  • The chance to buy additional content
  • Ability to order your projects from our professional print services

Coming soon:
  1. The upgrade will be free! If you have been holding onto the original My Digital Studio software, you will be able to upgrade to the new software for free. We will let you know when it is available.
  2. We have announced that My Digital Studio will soon be available to our friends in Australia and New Zealand.
Other information:
  • is currently under construction as we make all of the changes. Just keep in mind that you may see outdated information for awhile.
  • We will remove the My Digital Studio Catalog at the end March from If you would like to keep of copy of it, go grab it before then. As we announced last fall, we have not been maintaining this file and since it so outdated, we feel like it's time to delete it.
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