March 21, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday to Kaitlynn!

I couldn't let today go by without mentioning my granddaughter Kaitlynn's 5th birthday. I'm still trying to catch everyone up with transferring my posts from my private blog so this is actually my third post for today....please forgive me!

It's so hard to believe that this little peanut is turning 5 today! I remember Dave and I driving Jessica over to the hospital, which was an hour away in the wee early morning hours and it was Northern Maine's worst snowstorm that I can ever recall. Two days later this photo was taken on Easter Sunday 2008 when Kaitlynn was all dressed up and ready to come home from the hospital:

She is in Pre-K this year and loves to go to school. We are having a quick supper tonight and a mini birthday cake because her birthday party is actually taking place on Saturday in Laloopsy style. I have been busy creating Laloopsy decorations and goodies and will be showing those in a separate post in a few days. If you don't know who Laloopsy is, you'll find out soon!

This is the card I whipped up for Kaitlynn:

I used 5 wax candles and covered them with designer paper:

This is how I accomplished that:

I cut a piece of DSP a tad bit longer than the candle and about 1" wide. I added Sticky Strip to both long ends:

Place the candle directly on one of the Sticky Strips after you remove the backing:

Remove the backing from the 2nd strip and start rolling:

Once you get to the end, press down in place so that the dsp layers glue to each other. I made 5 of them total:

Doesn't the layering and the doily make this card so elegant? Even for a little girl!

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  1. Sending aa Big Happy Birthday to Kaitlynn. She is so precious here in this photo. And you card is so cute, you got very creative with the candles, love it!!! TFS

    1. Thanks so much Laura! Kaitlynn is quite anxious for her party tomorrow. Look for more posts about it!

  2. Your card is fabulous...I presumed (hahahaha!) that you rolled the DSP to create the we saw at Convention last year - a lot of work but I should have known when you indicated that the card was sooo easy! What a wonderful and clever idea...!!! She will love her very pretty and so grown-up for a five year old) card....have a great time and hope you will share pictures! Hope your weather is better....enjoy your weekend!

  3. Thanks Carol, as most little girls, Kaitlynn's favorite color of course is pink everything!


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