January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tips or Techniques-Aligning the easy way on the Simply Scored Scoring Tool!

Good Morning and welcome back to Tuesday Tips or Techniques! Due to the Christmas season, I had so much to post that I had to sway away from some of my usual weekly postings. Now I am back on schedule!

My "tip" for today.....look closely at my Simply Scored Scoring Tool below and you will notice that I have a line that I drew on my board at exactly the 6" mark vertically:

I used a black Permanent marker. Why did I do this? Have you ever had a tiny odd shaped piece of cardstock that you need to score and you thought you had it lined up perfectly? A piece that you can't slide up flat against the score board? You go ahead a score and awwww.....you messed it up? Well now you have a line to use as a guide:

The heart in the photo is being scored in the center and you are able to line it up using the colored line. Notice the center at the top and then the center at the tip of the bottom? All lined up perfectly because you had the colored line as a guide! Of course this heart shape could have been lined up at the top but sometimes you just can't use the guide and this is the answer. I used this shape just to show you how I used this "tip".

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