January 25, 2013

Free Friday-Filling Stampin' Spritzer's with Color!

Because I am designing for stillADDinktive on Tuesdays now, I am moving my Tuesday Tips or Techniques to Free Fridays!

Make your own color spritzer! Yes!......How? By filling this empty Stampin' Spritzer bottle with liquid and any color of Classic Stampin’ Ink:

And this is how I complete mine:

You will need one empty Stampin' Spritzer bottle, one ink refill, a peelable address label and the Word Window Punch:

First, use your Word Window Punch to cut the shape using an address label. Write the color of the ink you will be using for your spritzer on the label:

Next, unscrew the spritzer part from the bottle and choose a color of ink refill. I am using Whisper White today:

Hold your Stampin' Spritzer under the faucet and fill 3/4 full with water:

Add about 12 drops of ink refill. Screw the spritzer back on and shake, shake, shake:

Peel the backing off of the label and glue in place around the bottle for labeling purposes. Add a piece of clear scotch tape over and around the label. This will protect the label from getting wet! You can have a whole assortment of color spritzer's. How great is that!

Stampin' Spritzer
Item # 126185
$2.95 for 2 bottles that hold 12 ml ea.

Great for spritzing larger areas, masking, and watercoloring!

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  1. So easy - and I have a set of four just waiting to be filled...thank you!!!!!


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