November 19, 2012

Monday Merchandise-Scissor Assortment!

One of the things I love the most out of all the tools we have available to use at Stampin' up!...are the scissors we carry. We have 3 different types of scissors to complete an array of chores.

The first pair of scissors I'll be showing you today are the "Craft & Rubber Scissors". What do I use these for? Something I always try to encourage my customers to do with a brand new stamp set, is to cut the rubber around all the edges of each individual stamp. This eliminates the possibility of any stray ink lines when stamping. I cut as close to the stamp image as I can removing all excess rubber. Here is the catalog description of these scissors:

Craft & Rubber Scissors
Item #103179
Preferred Price: $19.95

You have to try these scissors to believe them. With these scissors, trimming rubber is a breeze! These scissors are not only comfortable to use, and very sharp, they also cut right to the tip, so you can make small, careful snips on your rubber. Once you’ve tried our Craft & Rubber Scissors, you’ll wonder how you survived without them! ■ Perfect for trimming rubber stamps before mounting ■ Economical and heavy duty ■ Best rubber-cutting scissors available ■ Short blade length allows more control, 1-3/4" blade length ■ Cuts to tip, allowing access to very tight corners ■ Oversized cushioned handles reduce muscle fatigue

Next in line is our "Paper Snips". The most wonderful pair of scissors I have ever owned! These scissors make cutting your papers a breeze. I love to fussy cut and these scissors make it absolutely easy:

Paper Snips
Item #103579
Preferred Price: $9.95

These small, thin-bladed scissors are perfect for all your paper trimming needs. They are great for snipping that little bits of paper or when trimming ribbon. Thin stainless steel blades for perfect cutting in even the tiniest areas. ■ Precision-ground tips allow for cutting all the way to the end of the blades ■ Protective shield (safety cover) ■ Comfort-grip handle for ease in cutting ■ Exclusive to Stampin’ Up! ■ 2-1/2" blade

And finally...our "Craft & Paper Scissors". These are well known to cut your ribbon like a knife through butter. I make it a point to tell all my customers that these are my "ribbon scissors" only. I just love the way they cut through my ribbon, especially the angled cuts:

Craft & Paper Scissors
Item #108360
Preferred Price: $29.95

After you use these scissors just once, you’ll be hooked. These high-quality scissors cut ribbon and card stock easily and beautifully. You’ll get a smooth, clean cut every time. ■ Stainless steel blades, 3-3/4" blade length ■ Perfect for cutting card stock and ribbon ■ Ergonomically designed to fit your hand (right-handed) ■ Heavy duty

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