September 4, 2012

Tuesday Tips or Techniques-Sticky Strip the easy way!

Do you sometimes have a hard time peeling the backing off of your Sticky Strip? Your fingernails just can't seem to grab the end  and peel or this adhesive is so wonderfully sticky that it seems impossible to peel? Keep reading about my handy tip.....
First a brief description about this product which I love! I use this product on all of my 3D items I create......they NEVER fall apart!

 This super-strong adhesive will hold together a box or pouch like a dream! It won’t lift, curl, distort, warp, or wrinkle. You can also use it to adhere other craft-related embellishments, such as beads, glitter, or embossing powder.
  • Double-sided, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. 
  • Acid free 
  • 1/4" wide 
  • 10 yards 
  • Comes in a zippered plastic bag for convenient storage
Sticky Strip
Item #104294
Preferred Price: $6.95

Now for my tip:

Here is a photo of a prepared layer of cardstock with a piece of Sticky Strip attached. You may be having a difficult time peeling the backing off.

The next photo shows you how you can simply add a Bone Folder to the mix:

Using your Bone Folder, rub the Sticky Strip with the Bone Folder several times in a back and forth motion, especially on each end. What this process is doing is actually warming up the glue and makes the backing easier to peel off.

The Sticky Strip is easier to get a hold of so you can easily continue on with your project!

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