September 7, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Blog Hop Week #6!

I want to thank Terry from "Goin' Over The Edge" for "forcing" me to complete a project I've had on my to-do list since Easter! Thanks Terry!

You see, this week is week #6 of 13 of her weekly "The Great Pumpkin Blog Hop. I've been successful in participating each week so far. The frame below is one I created to go with the Christmas & Easter ones I created previously. You can switch out the insert inside the frame for each holiday:

I originally saw the idea for the 1st frame from Nancy Riley and kept going from there. I would like to create one for 4th of July & Valentines and maybe even more.

If you would like to view the Easter Shadow Box Frame, click here: Easter Frame
And if you would like to view the Christmas Shadow Box Frame, click here: Christmas Frame

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you visit the blog hop and maybe you'll even decide to participate!

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