August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tips or Techniques-Ink Blob Fixing!

HiYa! I have a short little tip for you today!

You have the perfect piece of cardstock all cut out in front of you. You ink up your stamp and stamp your image and oh get a big blob of ink in the center. Sometimes this happens with a line image if you press a little too hard when stamping. Has this ever happened to you? The stamped image below is that of a mason jar only to be filled with a huge ink blob right smack dab in the middle :

Time to dig out your Exacto the rescue! See how I cut out the center of the stamp and completely removed it:

Stamp your image:

No more blobs! Much, much better!

I hope you have enjoyed my little tip for today. Don't forget to visit Create with Connie & Mary today to subscribe to the new Holiday Mini Subscription. We are announcing the "Guest Designers" today and have some projects already being shown for Preview Week. Come see for yourself and have a great day!

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  1. What a terrrific idea. Now if I could only do away with all the edge blobs you get when you touch the edge of the rubber stamp to the paper.

  2. Great idea! I have noticed that the little jar image is very bad for this. I will be trying this and passing it on my stamping ladies as well. thanks!



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