August 8, 2012

Techniques Class I for Purchase!

By Popular Demand!

I've had many requests by you, blog readers, asking me to offer my Techniques Classes that I teach to my local customers available for you to purchase. What I have completed for you is a set of 16 techniques available for purchase in this "Techniques I Class". You will see photos of each technique as you scroll down below at the samples:

Techniques Samples Techniques Samples
Joseph's Coat/Emerging Colors
Poppin' Pastels
Black Magic
Inlaid Embossing
Faux Burnt Paper
Emboss Resist
Bubble Magic
Embossed Sanding
Reverse Masking
Mother of Pearl
Cracked Glass

What you will receive are PDF documents with all the photo's you see here, plus instruction sheets for each technique. Each instruction sheet includes text instructions and a place to glue your sample as a reference tool.

In my classes, the girls all made the cards you see above, plus an additional sample completed "technique" to add to their instruction sheet. These sheets are made to slide into a plastic 3-hole sleeve protector and stored in a "Technique Binder". What a wonderful tool to fall back on! And for those of you that are interested in holding your own classes, feel free to use these sheets in your classes!

If you are interested in the "Techniques I Class", please use the PayPal Button below and the PDF samples and PDF instruction sheets will be emailed to you within 24 hours!

Techniques I Class

Techniques II and Techniques III coming soon!

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