July 10, 2012

Tuesday Tips or Techniques!

Yesterday's post talked a little bit about StazOn Ink and Cleaner. You can scroll down to view yesterday's post. So today for my Tuesday Tips or Techniques, I will continue on with showing you a little tip on how to keep your stamps clean. Of course when using StazOn Ink, if you don't clean or stamps immediately, some of the black will stain your rubber and this also happens with any of the Classic Ink colors. Over time, you just can't clean your stamps as good as you would like.

Here is what you will need to get your stamps back to tip-top shape:
  • StazOn Cleaner
  • Old toothbrush
  • Stampin' Mist
  • Stampin' Scrub

This is what one of my stamps looks like after I've used it a few times with a darker ink color (some of mine look worse than this at times):

Using the StazOn Cleaner, swipe the whole stamp until it is wet as shown:

Let sit for a few minutes and then take your old toothbrush and brush the wet liquid around by scrubbing. Don't worry, this will not affect the rubber:

Once you've brush the rubber stamp, wipe it clean using Stampin' Mist and your Stampin' Scrub. This is what your clean stamp should look like:

If you still are not totally happy with the results, repeat the steps again. I sometimes have to repeat 2-3 times until all the ink residue is gone.

Thanks for stopping by for Tuesday Tips or Techniques!

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