July 30, 2012

Monday Merchandise-Embossing Buddy!

The handy-dandy tool I am going to show you today is something most of you probably missed in the catalog. Do you like to heat emboss on your cards? Do you get frustrated when you get ready to emboss and there seems to be embossing powder everywhere on your card? Sometimes this is caused by static. By rubbing the Embossing Buddy across your cardstock first, then stamping followed by a sprinkling of powder and heat setting, you will see the most perfect embossing!
Embossing Buddy
Item #103083
Preferred Price: $5.95

If you are going to do any embossing, you’ll love this tool. It helps keep unwanted flecks of embossing powder or glitter from sticking to the paper. Or, rub the Embossing Buddy over the surface of a bold image stamp to help it accept ink evenly. * Approximately 3" x 1-1/2" anti-static fabric pouch * Works great on all kinds of paper and other surfaces. Don't forget you can shop 24/7 in your jammies by clicking on my online store today!

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