June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tips or Techniques-Trimming the Rubber!

Argh! You just finished assembling card layers, you decide to wait until you are almost done with your card to stamp an image or a sentiment.....oh no, does this ever happen to you?

See that miserable line above the stamped image:

Time to start over you say.........but wait, why not prepare your images before you stamp? The first thing I do when I receive a brand new stamp set is trim all the rubber. Even though the rubber is all pre-cut for us, there is still room for error. Keep reading my steps on how to avoid those pesky lines:

Using your Craft & Rubber Scissors (see description below), trim as close the the stamp image as possible. Don't worry, you can't mess it up if you take your time

See what a little tiny sliver I removed? That's all it takes. I also hold my scissors at a 45 degree angle towards the inside of the stamp image so that the edge is not square. This rounds off the edges for you for even less error!

Notice that little piece of rubber that sits between the legs of the stamp image? I cut that off also. If you can't seem to reach with scissors, use an Exacto Knife.

Voila....nicely stamped image with no lines!
Craft & Rubber Scissors, Item #103179
Preferred Price: $19.95

You have to try these scissors to believe them. With these scissors, trimming rubber is a breeze! These scissors are not only comfortable to use, and very sharp, they also cut right to the tip, so you can make small, careful snips on your rubber. Once you’ve tried our Craft & Rubber Scissors, you’ll wonder how you survived without them!

■ Perfect for trimming rubber stamps before mounting
■ Economical and heavy duty
■ Best rubber-cutting scissors available
■ Short blade length allows more control, 1-3/4" blade length
■ Cuts to tip, allowing access to very tight corners
■ Oversized cushioned handles reduce muscle fatigue
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  1. great idea!!!


  2. Your tips and how tos are always invalable...and yes, many times I get so angry at myself for this 'smudging' and then I have to wipe off the offending smudges and move along...great idea and thanks for the pictures!


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