June 26, 2012

Torrential Rains!

I've spoken to quite a few of you in the past few days about the torrential rains we are having in the central eastern part of Maine.Well today is even worse. My husband decided to dig out the sump pump to pump our front lawn as the culvert at the end of our driveway can not keep up with the flow of water coming in so fast. We just had our driveway paved last fall and spent lots of money, cross your fingers that the water doesn't damage what's underneath.

This is a photo of our front lawn a few hours ago:

That's Dave's John Deere tractor with a trailer hooked up to the back with a sump pump. He is moving the water from one side of the culvert to the other to save the driveway and to save the flowerbed. 

This is the very front corner of our lot where all the water is ganging up on us!

Dave always wanted a pond at the front of our lot......he's got one now!

Sump pump at work! This is usually all bone dry all summer!

The other side of our driveway!

There are lilies around our mailbox that I had watered a few days earlier because they were so dry!

The water came inches from our flowerbed. That's when Dave decided to dig out the sump pump!

This is the "buried" culvert. Poor thing is 12" wide and can't keep up! The name of our road is Benn Hill. We are the only house that lives on the flat part of the hill and we are getting water from everyone else!

Okay enough rain already...90% chance of rain tonight and 80% chance tomorrow! Thought I would share Mother Nature at work. Have a great day!

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  1. Now that's a lot of rain!!! We've been getting it here in the Hudson Valley of NY. I think this is all the snow we didn't get this past winter.

  2. We had rain here yesterday for the first time in months. It's too bad we couldn't spread the rain around a bit! I hope the rain lets up before there is extreme flooding.

  3. Yikes!!! That is a LOT of water! As I mentioned, we are SO bone dry the grass is brown...unusual for June in Ohio!

  4. Wow! Wish we could have a little bit of it here in southeastern Ohio. So dry here!

  5. Wow!! That's something we don't see here in the desert

  6. holy moley, I so hope the rains stop and the sun comes out and dries everything up..... C'mon Mama Nature, give poor Maine a break!!!!

  7. Oh wow! We are so dry down here, everything is dying. Wish there was a way to take some of your excess rain and ship it here!!

  8. WOW!!! Somehow I went over this the other day but was looking for something on your Blog and found these pictures! I can appreciate some of your pain...we live lower than our neighbors and when the winter rains come, we get runoff from above have some flooding (not nearly as drastically!) in parts of our backyard....it becomes so swampy and stays for days and days and sometimes comes onto the patio. Really feel sorry for you all but at least your husband has the smarts and tools to help get the water away. Glad your planting area stayed okay- it is very pretty. Hard to believe we are almost into July...don't want you to have a drought either, just a happy medium!


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