May 23, 2012

Wednesday Wacky-Pop Up Box!

If you look very closely at this card, you will be pleasantly surprised. It looks like your normal 4 1/4" x  4 1/4" square card wrapped shut with a band.......but keep scrolling and you'll see what I mean:

Slide the band off and the card opens up into a COOL is that?

What's even better is that I'll show you how to make one yourself!

You will start with a piece of Designer Paper that measures 8 1/2" x 11". There are quite a few folds for this card and I think cardstock would be too thick to use. On the 8 1/2" side, score at 2 1/8" on each end:

Turn your paper to the 11" side and score twice on each side. First at 1 1/4" and then again at 3 3/8":

Fold the 2 score lines towards the center on the 8 1/2" side. Use your bone folder for nice, crisp folds:

Unfold and turn your DSP to the 11" side. Fold towards the center on the fold line closest to the center. Now fold again on the 2nd score line, in the opposite direction as shown in the photo. Repeat this step for the other side:

This is what your DSP should look like below when both sides are folded:

Keeping the folds intact from the step above, flip the DSP over.  Grab each corner over towards the center to form a triangle as shown below and use your bone folder to press down:

Repeat on the opposite end and this is what your project should look like below:

Here is the tricky step. Turn your project over so you can open it as shown below (with 4 walls). You will see that two sides of your box have flaps on each end. Using one side first with the flap, lift up the flap so that it is vertical. Now you will push the side flaps to the back of the box wall. If you will notice where my left hand is placed, I pushed the flap so that it folds towards the back. Do the same with the other flap on the same side of your box:

This is what the side looks like when you've folded both flaps on one side. Now repeat this step for side #2:

Once all 4 side flaps have been folded, you will have a perfectly shaped box with two flaps at the very top of your box:

Now you can push on these two flaps and your box will automatically close flat:

Your next step is to create a band that will fit around your box and also slide on and off to open and close the box. I made my band 1 1/4" x 11". Center the DSP strip and wrap it around the card loose enough so that it will slide off and press your folds in place. Glue the overlapping cardstock ends on top of each other. Decorate to your liking:

I also added a Whisper White Cardstock piece layered with a 2nd cardstock piece, on the inside that I stamped and decorated to match my band. The first layer measures 4" x 4" and the Whisper White Cardstock piece measures 3 3/4" x 3 3/4":

I hope you were able to understand the folding of the flaps as those steps were hard to capture in a photo. Practice with scrap paper first to make sure you get the folds correctly. Have fun and have a great day!

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