May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tips or Techniques-Mounting Wheel Stamps!

I have quite a few of the regular and jumbo wheel stamps. I've always wanted to "un-wheel" my wheel stamps and make them flat. Stampin' Up! sells the perfect product to achieve this. I will show you how I "un-wheeled" a few of my wheel stamps below:

Start out by using an exacto knife and running it across where the stamp edges meet and were glued together (the slit part). This loosens up the slit:

Very gently, using your exacto knife, start lifting off the rubber at the slit:

Keep pulling the rubber until it is completely off of the roller:

The Jumbo Stamp I am using is the "Baby Tees". I've always wanted the tees to be separate from each other so I could stamp the desired design and either stamp a single tee or multiple tees:

Using your Craft & Rubber Scissors, cut close to each baby tee as shown above:

Once your tees are all cut out, pull the backing from the Clear Mount Cling Foam sticky side and press each tee in place. Now cut around each tee again using your Craft Scissors. Your scissors will get a little gunky from the adhesive and you might have to clean them off between cuts:

Once all of your tees have been mounted and cut, remove backing from the other side of your clear mount and press the stamps inside a Clear Mount Stamp Case. The foam clings to the plastic for storage:

I printed my own cover for the stamp case insert created by fellow demo Cari Lee Stark that she graciously allowed us demo's to use. I have the link to Cari's pattern below and indicated on the pattern that it was created by her. Please give her credit if you use it. Thanks Cari!

I also followed the same steps for my "Very Vintage Jumbo Wheel Stamp":

I left the rubber the same original length but just trimmed the long sides a little to omit the extra rubber and once mounted on clear mount, placed the stamp in a Clear Mount Stamp Case and printed a pattern for this stamp also:

Cari's insert pattern can be found here: Clear Mount Insert Pattern

I hope you have enjoyed my tip for today. Please come back and visit!

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  1. Debbie, Thank you so much for sharing this. What size block do you use for the long stamp?

  2. I use "Block F" and position the stamp diagonally on the block. Just a tiny bit sticks out on each corner but it is long enough to cover a card front. Works perfectly!

  3. What a great tip! Thanks so much. Got to your site from Kim Score's Paper Punch Addiction.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by Bev. Hope to hear from you again!

  5. Wow!! this is amazing, thanks for sharing it Debbie :)

  6. WOW! Just what I wanted to know for these two wheels and also the stitches wheel!! Many, many thanks.

  7. Debbie,
    Thank you so much. I find that I don't use my wheels as much as I could because they are hard to position if I am rolling more than one row. Using your technique, I will be able to stamp a background with no problem. Can't wait to try this!

  8. Thanks for sharing the tip & the pattern, how do you edit it to become the stamp set info. that you need? Thanks!

  9. For those of you asking how to change the file....when you get to the link for the clear case file, click on "File" and then click on "Download". This should ask you to open the file in "Open with Microsoft Word". You will then be able to edit the stamp photo and change the text. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you for such a FAST reply!

  10. Debbie, thank you for sharing this tip. Now my wheels will be back in use. I look forward to your tips & techniques every week.

  11. I have yet to be brave enough to try this one... Love the inserts for the case! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for the information. I don't use the wheels that much anymore. I used a marker to the little tee shirt I wanted but this is so much better. I will try and be brave to cut it off and up. I always thought they would be cute as a set. Then the storing method is great too. Thanks for showing us Cari's insert too! Great post!

    Chris R. from Iowa

  13. Debbie, this is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea and giving such specific detail and photos.

  14. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing important post with us.

  15. Thank you for this . I've tried the wheels & didn't really like them and even figured out how to get them off & the cling mount foam idea but then couldn't figure out how to fit them on the block.Now I've got a few ideas & the insert, storage is also great so thanks to Cari too.
    Polly-BC Canada


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